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Who am I?

    My name is Diadon Acs (die-a-den axe) and I am an experimentalist in this amazing human experience.  I enjoy many facets of life but I have reached a point where I need to increase my financial status like so many others. I have a dream that will not escape my mind. Every waking moment, my vision becomes more crystallized in the ability to create more free time, not just for myself, but for all the earth's people. I want to help people do the things they are passionate about and do the same along with them. I have many goals in the next few years. Perhaps the most important is to unlock the immense power of hydrogen fusion.

     I have been working for a large corporation for over 11 years now. I have allowed myself to become a slave to a system that I have been opposed of most my life. 
Two years ago I had an epiphany! In order to escape from this prison I have made for myself, I need to work hard at my own business and learn the money game with professional tact and consitant dedication. 

     I have now embarked on a new way forward in business endeavors that is transparent and ethical. 
   Realizing that we all contribute to the human collective, the best investment any business can have is the emergent sharing of thoughts and ingenuity. Please Support a new paradigm in business as we share these present moments with one another.Help to create a shared prosperity of financial freedom doing the things we love.  Contact me today for networking, collobaration and further details. 

Warm Regards,
Diadon Acs
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"we are all part of  a conscious energy"
- Diadon 
My Personal Goals
A Road-map to Success
First Step: The Creation of a Company
   The first goal that must be achieved is to ......  Wow, talk about a BORING copy!! The first goal should be to get your attention and let you know why you should care. It's been a burning desire for me to help people. Some may say I am Bat-$&*! crazy. That's the opinion they hold becuase they don't understand my vision to help people. 

     The plan is simple.. Build a man made star 😁 It's called hydrogen fusion and I aim to do it as nature allows. I don't want to ask people for money, or wish to have any praise, I want to do it to ensure my children and all the earths children have a promising future. 
What is even more crazy is I want to make the entire project open source and in the creative commons domain. 
That's right, I don't want to make money off it, I just want to delivery a pure form of science for the world to use as an abundant energy source. Yeah... A little crazy I guess... 😁

      I know my story will encourage many others to manifest there own destiny. In success and failure, my path will be documented every step of the way. In doing so its likey we can inspire others to have the courage to take risks and live the life they dream of. 

   The main focus and  company I have chosen to create is Conscious Energies LLC. This is a digital media marketing agency  thats specializes in Facebook and Instagram platforms. We are able to spread awareness of the amazing things people are doing with their lives on variety of digital media. 

It's depends on what works best for a business becuase you can't engineer a square peg to go into a round hole.

I plan on making are large amount of money as this is a highley profitable skill set I have developed. My background in Data Analysis, Graphic Design, Applied Science, and Psycology have allowed me to have a unique perspective on Digital marketing. 

Do you have a great product, service, or message you wish to make the world aware of? 

Don't hesitate to contact me so we can formulate a plan that will help you achieve your goals.
I have also began investing in Blockchain Technology and see it as a way to shift centralized power into the hands of the common wealth. Decentralizing the Monetary system has the potential to bring a lot more freedom to the people of the world. For this reason I am a strong Cryptocurrency supporter.
Second Step: Open Source Energy
    For the past 5 years, I have been researching and developing a Hydrogen Fusion reactor. I have a number of tests I have ran on live YouTube streams and compiled quite a bit of data. I don't want to continue with my experiments until I can get accurate measurments of the energy being emited by the apparatus. 

   I have a dynamic hypothesis of the operation of the stars that can be tested through experimental means. I enjoy theoretical science and postulations on the nature of the cosmos. We can, however, ask nature questions that don't involve our illusionary ethos of financial gains or our egocentric mental conditionings. This is how the purest form of science is conducted in my humble opinion.

  This is what I have sought out to do and have come across some very promising results from a holistic approach to physics. Using what is known in the fields of electrochemistry, thermal engineering, condensed matter (quantum physics), cosmological physics, fluid dynamics, and electrodynamics, I have discovered what I consider to be the harmonic operation of the stars.  I need to make absolutely sure this hypothesis is correct with empirical data. For this, it is crucial that I complete the first step of my journey.  

   I have been taught by many mentors through written word and media to compile this information. This was not all born from my mind alone, and for that, I wish to share the outcome of my research with the world openly. Whether it be a success or failure, it will be a learning experience for us all to share together.  
Third Step: Create a sustainable community
   My wife Brandi and I have been incredibly passionate about education and sustainable living. We have wanted to create a sustainable piece of land using permaculture techniques. This will be something we can truly pass on to our kids and other future generations. It will be a great challenge like anything in life worth doing. 

It's part of our 20 Year Goal to acquire a piece of land that can sustain all of our humanly needs. It's a very long term project that we are passionate about. 

This Section will be continued....  
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